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Student Testimonials

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After working for nine years within IT I decided to make a change in my life and go to business school in New York. The major doubt I held towards my new objective was my absence from the academic world with all its elements and the restraint that is required for becoming a top student once again.

The diversity of nationalities and individuals at ELI created an atmosphere that gave me the preparation and insight in the American academic culture that I needed. My time at ELI not only gave me a lot of valuable contacts and friends but also strengthened my self-confidence. The ELI institution together with its entire faculty is extremely supportive and they will push you to reach the high standards that are required for an academic success.

- Stefan Lindberg, Sweden

"I spent two semesters at ELI and I would say that that was one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life. ELI proved to be very successful for me because after the completion of my courses I received very high results on both exams. I befriended so many people at Pace and the interesting thing is that the students in my class were very diversified coming from countries from all over the world. ELI is a great choice for international students who need to improve their English language while spending some time in the center of the world – New York City"

- Dimitar Petrov, Bulgaria

"I think that Pace ELI has the best circumstance to learn English because every class has the proper capacity. I could have a lot of opportunities to use my English in my classes. And all ELI teachers are super!! They are brilliant, kind, and nice people. Because I took very nice ELI classes, I do not have any problems with my Pace undergraduate programs. I love Pace ELI and teachers. If you choose Pace ELI, you should be a great English learner. I guarantee."

- JaeKyoon Kim, South Korea

"I really have great memories of the time I have spent at the English Learning Institute of Pace University. The teachers were wonderful with the students, and passionated by their job. I have learned a lot and at the same time, I had a lot of fun. If you want to learn English, this is the place to go!"

- Amandine Delangue, France

"The ELI courses are taught by outstanding teachers who helped me adjust to American culture more quickly, get more out of my academic courses, and learn about the cultures of students from all over the world."

- Guzal Rasulova, Uzbekistan

"Pace ELI classes are fun and filled with active participation. ELI teachers have a deep understanding of international students like me. They know what I want to learn and help me to have the confidence to express my thoughts and feelings in English."

- Ji. Young Chae, Korea

"In a short time, Pace's ELI courses facilitated my integration not only into Pace University, but also into American city life."

- Sandrine Ledoux, New Caledonia

"To go from a Russian university to an American MBA program is a big jump. The educational systems are so different. The ELI Pre-MBA Program is an introduction to the American MBA. It gave me essential presentation skills and taught me how to write a research paper and do a case analysis. And, it made me speak and think critically in English."

- Igor Kuznetsov, Russia

"I didn't speak a word of English when I came to the States. Within six months of studying in the ELI, I was able to understand, speak, and write English. In fact, my American friends are amazed when they find out I wasn't born here. Now I am attending Pace University as an undergraduate student. The ELI has made my dream come true."

- Cecilia Li, Venezula

"ELI's activities are organized to help you feel comfortable in that great but foreign city. Activities like visiting other campuses or going to the theater enable students to get closer with classmates and meet other students."

- Zeynep Inanc, Turkey

"I want to thank ELI for the great experience I had at Pace during the ELI Summer courses. I have improved my English because of the perfect organization and all the activities. I met fantastic people of different countries

- Michele Gori, Italy

"I want to thank you for the organization of this summer program. My son is very happy with the classes and has already found some friends. It is a real nice experience for foriegn students to be part of this famous University and to learn English."

- Isabelle Laroque