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English Language Institute

Application & Admissions Policies

Please refer to the below policies while applying to the English Language Institute - New York City campus.

Requests to Defer I-20s

Students that are not able to receive their F-1 visa by the start date of their chosen Program are able to defer their I-20 for the next program start date. Requests to defer I-20s must be made in writing to Verbal requests over the phone will not be accepted. Also, students must write the exact Program start date they are requesting to defer to (i.e. Winter 2016, Spring I 2016 Pre-Undergradute, Spring I 2016 Intensive). Dates are available on the ELI website at

To fulfill a deferred I-20 request a student’s bank letter must still be within the 3 months it was issued by the bank. If it is older than 3 months a new bank letter must be sent to the ELI Office to process the new I-20.

If a student paid for Express mail fee and is requesting a new deferred I-20 an additional $65.00 express mail fee is required. Please complete a credit card authorization form and submit it with your deferred I-20 request. The credit card authorization form is available on the ELI website at

Express Mail Fees

The $65.00 TNT Express mail fee is payment for one (1) express mailing. In the event that the I-20 is undelivered because of an incorrect address written by the ELI Office an additional I-20 will be sent via TNT Express mail at no cost. If the Express mail is not delivered because of an incorrect address written in the application by the student/agent or the proper mailing address was not indicated by the applicant an additional Express mail fee is required to mail the I-20.

Also, any deferred I-20s requested to be mailed via Express Mail require an additional $65.00 express mail fee. The credit card authorization form is available on the ELI website at

Mailing multiple I-20s via one Express mail envelope

The ELI Office will only mail multiple I-20s (up to 5) via one Express Mail fee to Agents that have signed Agent Agreements with the ELI. Any requests by unofficial ELI Agents or applicants for multiple I-20 packages to be mailed to one address by one envelope will not be honored.

TOEFL/IELTS Scores for Admission

There is no requirement for the TOEFL/IELTS exam to apply to the ELI at Pace University. The ELI does not accept TOEFL/IELTS scores during the admissions procedure or to determine proficiency of students. All students will take the ELI Placement Exam when they arrive to campus to determine their level of English in our program.

Minimum Age

The minimum age to enroll in the New York City ELI Program is 16 years old.