Joint Degree Programs

Accelerated Bachelor/Juris Doctor
Dyson College of Arts and Sciences and Pace Law School
This combined degree program allows undergraduate students to pair a BA or BS with a law degree and complete both degrees within six years rather than seven. For example, the popular environmental studies major provides a diverse yet strong foundation that leads to an enhanced comprehension of how laws, policies, and regulations interrelate with all aspects of environmental issues. Contact a Dyson College academic adviser for more information on eligible undergraduate degrees. Students who are admitted as Pace undergraduates apply separately to the School of Law during their junior year and must meet the established criteria for admission, including an appropriate score on the LSAT. Students may be required to complete an admissions interview at the School of Law.

Bachelor of Arts/Master of Public Administration
Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
The program prepares students for leadership and management positions in government, health care, and nonprofit organizations through a comprehensive curriculum that integrates relevant theory with practice. Students who wish to complete both a BA in political science or environmental studies and a master's in public administration (MPA) may pursue a 159-credit combined program that includes an environmental track in the MPA program.

Bachelor of Science in Biology/Master of Science in Environmental Science
Biology majors may take advantage of an opportunity to earn both a BS as well as an MS by pursuing a 5-year program offered by the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences. Students may apply to the graduate program in their junior year, and must meet the established criteria for admission.

Juris Doctor/Master of Environmental Management
Pace Law School with Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
This combined degree program offers a JD in environmental law from Pace University and a MEM from Yale University. This degree requires course work in both the natural and social sciences, with a specific focus on the relationship between science, management, and policy. Students in this program learn to understand both the legal and scientific aspects of environmental laws. With a wide variety of classes, the joint degree requires a total of 110 credits (74 from the Law School and 36 from Yale). Students must apply to both schools and meet the admission requirements of each for approval of the joint degree.

Juris Doctor/Master of Environmental Policy
Pace Law School with the Bard Center for Environmental Policy
The JD/MS combined degree program offers a JD degree in environmental law at Pace Law School and an MS in environmental policy at Bard Center for Environmental Policy. By combining a critical science-based approach with practical training, this program helps students develop the ability to apply ecological science to decisions affecting society. It prepares graduates for environmental careers in nonprofit organizations, government, and the private sector. The Pace-Bard program requires four years in residence, with two and a half years spent at Pace and one and a half years at Bard. Students in the program must earn 74 credits at Pace to obtain a JD and 44 credits to obtain an MS from Bard. Students must apply separately to each school and meet the admission requirements for approval of the joint degree.

Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration or Master of Public Administration
Pace Law School offers its JD candidates the opportunity to pursue a joint degree program in either business management or public administration, leading to the additional degree of master of business administration (MBA) or the master of public administration (MPA) respectively. The combined degree can be achieved with the addition of only one year of study.

These joint degrees enable students to earn a combined master's degree and juris doctor in six years instead of seven. For both of these joint degrees, students may begin their course of study in either the School of Law or the appropriate graduate school. Students pursuing the environmental law certificate will gain a competitive advantage whether opting for the master's in business administration or following the environmental track offered in the master's of public administration program.