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General/Faculty/Staff FAQs

Is there Guest Access into Blackboard?
The guest feature in Blackboard has been disabled as of Fall 2006. View the Standard Operating Procedures for Blackboard to learn how to file for guest access.

Are my courses deleted after the semester ends?
Instructors cannot make a course "unavailable" on Blackboard prior to the official end of the semester, but are permitted to do so anytime after aforementioned end date. All courses will be made "unavailable" to students automatically 6 weeks after the official end of the semester. If a course has been inactive for 2 years, it will be archived and removed from the server.

Will my course content look different once the upgrade is complete?
No, your course content should display as it was displayed before the upgrade.

How can faculty get instruction?
Faculty can visit the following site − Blackboard Help page to get access to numerous resources, guides, handbooks and online training videos. In additional, faculty can make an appointment to meet with a CTLT staff member for additional training.

How do I make a course (un)available to students?
Under Control Panel > Customization click on Properties. Click on Yes for Step 3 Set Availability. Note: By default, all new courses (with a Pace issued CRN) generated automatically are made "Unavailable" to students until the official start of the semester. The "Unavailable" tag next to a course under a faculty member’s course listing means that the course is unavailable to students, not the faculty member. Faculty who wish to provide their students access to their course shells before the start of the semester may do so starting three weeks prior to the official start of the semester. All students will have access to their course shells the 1st official day of semester, regardless of whether the instructor has made the course "available" or not. If you are unsure how to make your course available to students, please contact your respective CTLT office for assistance.

Instructors cannot make a course "unavailable" on Blackboard prior to the official end of the semester, but are permitted to do so anytime after aforementioned end date. All courses will be made "unavailable" automatically 6 weeks after the official end of the semester.

How will the students be impacted with regard to the upgrade?
There should be minimal impact regarding the students and the upgrade of Blackboard. Content will be displayed and will be accessible much the same way that it was. There are some new features available for that will enhance their Blackboard experience, and we will have resources outlining those features available on our Blackboard Help website.

Who do I contact if I am having technical issues with my courses on Blackboard?
You should contact ITS, Information Technology Services for assistance − or call (914) 773-3333.

Are the policies and procedures the same on the upgraded version of Blackboard?
Yes. To view the Standard Operating Procedures please click here

How do I view my student roster with photos of the students?
In the lower-left menu of your course shell, under the "Course Management" section, click on the "Course Tools" link – then select "Course Photo Roster". This will show the names and photos of the students.

How do I view a list of the students in my course with their email addresses?
Another way to list the students in your course and their email addresses, but not the photos, is to select the "Users and Groups" link under the "Course Management" section in your course. When you access "users", it takes you to a screen where you can search for students in your course. In the second search field box that says "Contains", access the drop down menu and select "Not Blank", and then hit "Go". You should see a list of all the students.

How do I reset a student's exam?
Under Control Panel > Evaluations > click Grade Center. Click on the option menu to the right of the lock for the student’s name. Click 'View Grade Details' to the right of the screen. Click on the 'Clear Attempt' button to the right of the screen.

How do I export/import to/from a course?
Instructors do have the option of downloading (exporting), to their local computer, any course shell they would like to retain. Please note that any exported course can be imported into a new course shell on Blackboard by the instructor at a later time. If you have any questions regarding how to export or import a course on Blackboard, please contact CTLT at

Can I incorporate streaming media into blackboard?
Although Blackboard has the capability of allowing users to upload Audio/Video content directly into a course, for space reasons this is strongly NOT recommended. Our office has the ability to encode videos into a streaming media format which allows the instructor to place the link to the video anywhere inside of their Blackboard course – without using any of their allotted course shell space. Please contact Joe Seijo in Westchester or Julio Rodriguez in New York City for assistance.

Who do I contact to help change the design of my course?
You can contact your respective CTLT office for assistance. Click here for contact information.

Faculty Option for emailing Class Rosters:
ITS (Information Technology Services) has developed a way for instructors to easily e-mail students in their courses. You won't have to go through Banner or Blackboard or develop your own e-mail contact lists. As of Monday, February 8, all active classes in Banner now have a corresponding e-mail distribution list made up of all active members in the course.

How do you use the lists to reach your students? Simply compose an email to, where CRN is the course registration number and termcode is the 6 digit term code (consisting of the year and term code) for the semester. So, if you are an instructor in course CRN 12345 in termcode 201020 (Spring 2010) you would send an email to If you opted to combine course sections (made through a request to the ITS Helpdesk), your CRN number will be the combined CRN as it appears in Blackboard. So your distribution list address will be in the format CRN-CRN.termcode, for example

Note: The lists will be available 3 weeks prior to the start of the semester and 6 weeks after the semester ends and will be updated hourly to reflect changes in course registrations. The ability to send e-mail to the distribution lists will only be available to course instructors and the e-mails will be delivered to both students and instructors in the course.

Term Codes are as follows:

  • Winter Session − 10
  • Spring − 20
  • Summer 1 − 40
  • Summer 2 − 50
  • Fall − 70

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