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Call for Sessions

The fourteenth annual Faculty Institute will take place May 14-15, 2015, on the New York City Campus.  The primary purpose of the Faculty Institute is to promote teaching excellence and collaboration.  The planning committee invites and encourages your participation in this year's Institute with this call for session proposals.

Look in a typical Pace first-year class.  Count the number of students you see.  Now fast forward to commencement 4 years later.  For every 12 students who enroll at Pace, 1 leaves after the first semester, 3 are not enrolled after 1 year, and 7 graduate within 6 years.  Why?

This year's Faculty Institute takes a close look at the question, "Who Gets to Graduate from Pace and Why?"  This theme was inspired by the New York Times article "Who Gets to Graduate" by Paul Tough (  At the heart of this question is the issue of student retention.  The Institute will examine a range of factors related to retention including those within the university's control--engaging and rigorous instruction, strong faculty-student interactions--and at those that may not be open to our influence including students' readiness for college, their expectations about the college experience, and their motivations for enrolling.  

Consistent with this theme we welcome proposals for interactive workshops and presentations that address:

  • Who are the Pace students
  • Teaching Strategies for Student Success
  • Faculty - Student Mentoring
  • Faculty - Student Undergraduate Research
  • Developing and Fostering Community
  • Service Learning
  • Technology Fluency in the Disciplines
  • Learning Communities
  • First-Year Experience
  • Deep Learning
  • Collaboration in the Classroom
  • Student Diversity
  • Diversity/Global Learning
  • Global Learning
  • Internships
  • Capstone Courses

The committee is seeking 90 minute or 45 minute sessions that demonstrate innovative, interdisciplinary and unconventional efforts that faculty, staff, and students can engage in to advance teaching and learning.  Our focus is successful strategies that will have an impact on student retention.  Please be advised that for the 90 minute sessions, we are requesting that the proposed session include multiple presenters, involve student collaboration and be very much hands-on and highly interactive.

We hope you will share your expertise.

Guidelines for Submission

  • Please submit a title and a 150-word abstract of your session. Please limit the time of your session to 45 minutes.
  • Please indicate in bullet form how you intend to engage the audience. Some ideas include: discussion, questions, games and simulations; participant adaptation and development of classroom activities similar to yours; break-out groups for activities or discussion; and incorporating multimedia.
  • Please indicate media requirements and/or other needs for your presentation.
  • Please provide the names, titles and schools of each presenter along with telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and other contact information, including students who may be presenting.
  • Please let us know if you would like to be a track chair/facilitator, responsible for introducing participants and keeping time.

Feedback from faculty, administrators and staff regarding previous Faculty Institutes and the accomplished presentations by Pace colleagues has been tremendous. Attendance averages well over 130 of your colleagues! As in past years we are encouraging active participation among the session attendees. Please indicate how you intend to engage your audience.

**The deadline to submit is extended to April 13th, 2015**

Submit a Proposal