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Keynote Presenters

Keynote Address

Ken Bain, Ph.D., author of two bestsellers – What the Best College Teachers Do and What the Best College Students Do. Dr. Bain is the President of the Best Teachers Institute. He spent much of his academic career at Vanderbilt University, Northwestern University, and New York University, before becoming Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of History and Urban Education at the University of the District of Columbia.

Keynote Session

How do we encourage deep learning in our students; this kind of learning will have a sustained and substantial influence on the way they will think, act, and maybe even feel. We know from a large and growing body of research that students will take one of three basic approaches to their studies: a surface, strategic, or deep approach. In this highly interactive seminar, we will explore how we can foster those deep approaches and achievements. Research on student learning has given us some powerful tools for promoting greater student achievement and deeper learning. We will explore that research and practice using some of its important finding to build what we call a Natural Critical Learning Environment that is designed to stimulate the deepest learning. Come join the conversation, and bring your own insights, experiences, and issues.