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NY Times Exchange Lunch

Below is information from The New York Times Lunch

Pace University's subscription to The New York Times gives all Pace Students free access to print and digital version of the paper. Print copies are located on both campuses outside the entrances of the libraries. The paper is delivered every day during Fall, Winter and Spring sessions, but is not delivered during the Summer. To access the digital copy, a 24-hour pass needs to be activated. To grab a pass students should follow the below steps:

  • Go to
  • Create a free account using the Pace email address
  • Check your email inbox and click on the link in the email to validate your email address (if the confirmation didn't arrive, please check your spam folder or contact

Each activation is good for 24-hours, after expiration the student may claim a subsequent pass by going back to and grabbing a new pass. If they have logged out of, they should log in again with their Pace email address. If you would like a copy of these instructions to give out to your students, please stop by The Faculty Centers on both campuses in the libraries on the 2nd floor.

Pace has 365 passes in a 24-hour period. On average, Pace uses 20-30% of the passes in any given 24 hours, so there shouldn't be a problem with the passes running out. If a student cannot obtain a pass, they should log out of the and close their browser (or use a different browser) and log back in. If a student is having issues obtaining a pass, please have them contact Ally Kimmel at The Faculty Center.

For Pace Faculty: if you are using the NYTimes in your course as mandatory or optional instructional materials, you are eligible to receive free NYTimes delivery to your home. Contact Walter Barleycorn at to set this up.

Pace University subscription also gives access to the faculty resource site: Pace Faculty can self-register using their email address. To do so, click the register button in the upper right corner. This site has many disciplines including, Religion, Biology, Election, American Government, and English and Writing Composition. New disciplines are added every quarter. You can see the homepage of the site in the below screenshot:

Another great resource is the Chronicle from NYT Labs: The Chronicle visualizes language usage in New York Times news coverage throughout its history. This is free for everyone. You can search and add keywords for comparison and click on any year in the graph to view articles for that year. For example, below is a screenshot of usage comparison of keywords: Presidential Election, Presidential Primaries, and Presidential Caucuses:

Times Topics: Each topic page collects all the news, reference and archival information, photos, graphics, audio and video files published on topics ranging from A M Castle & Company to Zyuganov, Gennadi A. This is available without charge on articles going back to 1981. There are over 25,000 pages and each provides links to New York Times content along with some aggregated content related to each topic. Below is a screenshot of all NYTimes content related to the Titanic:

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact the Faculty Center at