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Tenure & Promotion

The Faculty Center for Innovative Teaching and Professional Development hold annual Tenure and Promotion Workshops for faculty coming up for tenure and/or promotion (see Office of the Provost - CDFPT Guidelines).

The Tenure and Promotion Workshop is geared to full-time faculty (Seidenberg, Dyson, College of Health Professions, Lubin, and the School of Education) currently at the Assistant Professor level applying for tenure and promotion to the rank of Associate Professor. In addition, the workshop is geared toward tenured, full-time faculty at the Associate Professor level wishing to apply to rank of Full Professor.

To register for this Tenure and Promotion Workshop, click here or on the "Workshops and Sessions" link on the left.

Please submit any questions you have to James Stenerson at

How to copy the TAP template on ePortfolio

  • Log in to ePortfolio with your Pace credentials
  • Once you have submitted your letter of intent and been accepted as a candidate, you will be added to a group called "Tenure and/or Promotion Workshop" that can be found in the right-hand column (if you do not see this group, please contact Ally Khristova at so she can add you to the group), click on the group
  • A home page for the group will open, which is the "About" tab. Scroll a bit down and you should see "Group Pages" and under that you should see "Tenure and Promotion (TAP) eDossier TEMPLATE." Next to this page click on "Copy page"
  • In the Page title section, name your page "Tenure and Promotion (TAP) eDossier_[YOUR NAME]"
  • Click "Save"

Once you have completed this, you will be adding files to this page in this format for your eDossier.

How to add files to your eDossier page on ePortfolio

  • Go to and log in with your Pace credentials
  • On the home page of ePortfolio you should see four tabs:

a.      Dashboard

b.      My ePortfolio

c.       Content - Click on this tab

d.      Groups

  • Then you will see seven tabs:

a.      Profile

b.      Profile Pictures

c.       Files - Click on this tab

d.      Journals

e.      Resumes

f.        Plans

g.      Notes

  • As you scroll down the “Files” page you will see all of your files and folders. Select the “viewfiles” folder, this is the folder where your TAP subfolders are located.
  • Within “viewfiles” there will be another subfolder with a 6-digit number with the description “Files copied from Tenure and Promotion (TAP) eDossier TEMPLATE.” Click the numbers to open the folder.
  • You can now see your list of TAP folders. Here you can populate each folder with files from your computer. For example, to upload a document in the "Curriculum Vitae (CV)" folder, click the title of the folder.
  • Next to "Upload file" select the box next to “Yes: The file I am attempting to upload...”
  • Click "Choose files" to browse your computer for the file and then select the file and click "Open."
  • Once the file is done uploading it will be highlighted on the bottom of the page, within the folder. 
  • To add more files to another folder, click the upward arrow. When you hover over it, it should say "Go to parent folder."

Here's a video on how to add files to your eDossier page:

How to share your eDossier page on ePortfolio

  • Go to and log in with your Pace credentials
  • Click on the green square that says "Share"
  • Click on the key symbol under "Edit access" column across from the page you wish to share. On the left side you will see a few options. You are able to share with:

a.      Public

b.      Registered users

c.       Friends (friends you've connected with on ePortfolio)

d.      Pace

e.      All your groups

f.       Selected groups

g.      Specific users

h.      Groups that you are not a member of

  • Scroll all the way down and click on "Share with other users and groups." Next to "Search" click on the dropdown menu and select "Users"
  • Next to the dropdown menu type my last name (khristova) if you are ready to submit your eDossier to the review committees and then click "Go"
  • My name and image will show up next to a plus sign, click the plus sign
  • Scroll up and in the main content area you will see that my name has been added. You will also have the option to set Access start date/time and Access end date/time
  • Scroll all the way back down and click "Save" (if you do not save, the page will not be shared)

If you need any assistance with formatting your eDossier or ePortfolio, please contact Ally Khristova at or 212-346-1471 or 646-799-1629.