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Technical Support and Other Assistance

Technical Support

The Qualtrics website offers an extensive set of online resources called Qualtrics Survey University

  • Video Tutorials demonstrate the basics of creating, editing and distributing surveys, and viewing and importing results into SPSS.
  • Qualtrics Helps presents searchable topics from the basics of writing surveys, using graphics to library functions.
  • Research Articles address a wide range of topics, including survey design, various methods of data analysis, and different types of surveys for a number of different topics such as Satisfaction, Student Retention, Needs Analysis, and many more.
  • An Extensive Library of surveys by topic area, question, and graphics enable you to copy whole surveys or parts of surveys and adapt them to your own uses.
  • A Qualtrics Sample Survey that features the various question types

Qualtrics Technical Support

Qualtrics will respond to support telephone calls or e-mail contacts based on the order they are received and relative importance as reasonably determined by Qualtrics. Support is available at 1-800-340-9194 from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, except holidays, and via e-mail at Limited e-mail support is available after hours and weekends.

Qualtrics Technical Support at Pace

You may email your question to your School’s representative:

Andreea Cotoranu
Seidenberg School of CSIS

Martina Blackwood
Dyson College of Arts & Sciences

Vishal Lala [PNY]
Lubin School of Business

Kathryn F. Winsted [PLV]
Lubin School of Business

Joanne DeMarco
College of Health Professions

Sergio Fernandes
College of Health Professions

Known Issues

Browser Issues: As a survey creator, Qualtrics does not function well when using Mozilla Firefox. Please use Internet Explorer browser instead. However, there is not a problem taking a survey using Firefox.

Attention Administrators

Sharing Surveys: As a default, all users cannot share their surveys outside of their brand. If a user belongs to the Lubin brand and wants to share a survey with another user in the Dyson brand, both users will have to contact their respective Brand Administrators to be given permission.

To grant a user permission, follow these instructions:

Click on Administration Tab > Click on Users and then Search for the Username > Click on the blue/underlined username the search has found > A new window will load and under Account Permissions, Enable 'Collaborate Outside of Brand' and then click Save [lower right].