2012 Post Conference Material

The recordings of the 2012 Faculty Institute sessions are available on our Pace iTunes U site.
From the Faculty Resource Network at NYU to the Underground Railroad in Pleasantville
Dorothee von Huene Greenberg
Thur, May 17th @ 10:30a
Engaging Community Service Students Through Digital Portfolios
Jim Lawler
Thur, May 17th @ 11:30a
Mobile Technology and Sustainability
Christelle Scharff
Tues, May 24th @ 10:45a
The Value & Presence of an Interdisciplinary Educational Experience
Christine Salboudis
Daniel Molina
Thur, May 17th @ 11:30a
The Hudson River Experience: Interdisciplinary Immersion
Theresa Lant
John Cronin
Dan Farkas
Helen Levine-Keating
Hsui-Lin Winkler
Thur, May 17th @ 1:40p
International Travel Courses 101
Theresa Frey
Thur, May 17th @ 1:40p
Pace University Analytics Initiative
Lixin Tao
Roberto Bry
Walter Morris
Hsui-Lin Winkler
Thur, May 17th @ 1:40p
Interdisciplinary Research at Pace: Crossing Depts., Intersecting Universities, and Pushing Innovation
Hillary Knepper
Christopher Godfrey
Andrea Sonenberg
Joan Walker
Thur, May 17th @ 1:40p
Learning Communities and interdisciplinary Immersion
Kim de Beaumont
Kathryn Marohn
Thur, May 174th @ 3:20p