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Finance and Administration

Consolidated Standard Contract Forms

The Consultant, Fundraising Consultant, Independent Contractor, Service Agreement, and Standard Requirement Agreements have been consolidated into one template called the Pace Consultant Agreement.

Two Facilities Use Agreements have been consolidated into one.

The Standard Honorarium, Per Diem Lecturer, and Workshop Presenter contracts have been consolidated into two, one-page documents:

Reduced Number of Standard Agreements

Standard Agreements have been reduced to the following:

Service Agreement Rider

There is now one Consultant/Vendor Services Agreement Rider (PDF) that replaces the following

  • Charter Bus Agreement Rider
  • Elevator Service Agreement Rider
  • Catering/Events Rider
  • Fire Alarm Maintenance Ride
  • The Standard Maintenance Agreement Rider
  • Vessel Charter Agreement Rider
  • Pest Control Rider

Contract Renewals

A standard, one-page form for renewing or extending expiring agreements has been developed.

Delegation of Contract-Related Policies and Procedures:
On a trial basis, the Asst. Vice President for Finance will delegate signature authority for specific, low-risk contracts to appropriate Originating Unit Representatives. Originating Unit Representatives will now have the authority to negotiate and sign contracts of a standardized type and below a specific dollar threshold if the Asst. Vice President signs the Contract Signature Authority Form (DOC).

Master Agreements and Purchase Orders:
Unit contract managers are asked to identify those routine, unchanging business relationships that could be governed by “master agreements” and/or purchase orders and supplemented by work orders.

Pre-Approval of Indemnification, Insurance Types and Amounts:
The Risk Manager has reviewed and pre-approved indemnification and standard contract insurance types and amounts, with an eye to eliminating such requirements wherever reasonable on the basis of low risk.

Development of Checklist for Unit Contract Managers’ Negotiation of Contract Business (Not Legal) Terms:
A checklist for negotiation of contract business terms has been developed for use by Originating Unit Representatives when they engage in discussions with vendors, to ensure that key issues are addressed in proposed contracts submitted for legal and Finance & Planning review.


The decentralization of contract negotiation and signature authority will be preceded by identification and training of Originating Unit Representatives.