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Finance and Administration

Request for Proposal Policy Guidelines

Purchasing and Contracts Quote and Proposal Guidelines

Why is a request for proposal necessary?

The RFP outlines the required services sought and some general information about the manner in which the services are to be performed. The RFP process brings structure to the procurement decision and allows the risks and benefits to be identified clearly upfront. The added benefit of input from a broad spectrum of functional experts ensures that the solution chosen will suit the University’s requirements. In addition,

  • An RFP provides the means to compare quotes accurately since all quotes are generated from the same set of criteria. Simply put you are comparing apples to apples.
  • A RFP process is one of the best methods for leveraging a company's negotiating ability and purchasing power with suppliers.
  • Alerts suppliers that the selection process is competitive.
  • Allows for wide distribution and response.
  • Ensures that suppliers respond factually to the identified requirements.
  • By following a structured evaluation and selection procedure the organization demonstrates impartiality.