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Supply Partners

This list contains the names of all suppliers that have been approved by Purchasing Services for inclusion in the E-Procurement Supplier Database. Suppliers are indexed in alphabetical order. Please be patient on the load of the supplier lists. Each file varies in length and some may take a little longer to load.

Select the first letter of the supplier name.

Approved Supplier List

Select the first letter of the supplier name.

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Submit a request to add a new supplier and a form will be send to the supplier representative. It is the responsibility of the prospective supplier to complete and return a fully executed supplier form to the Purchasing Department in a timely manner. To fill out the Vendor Request Form, please click here (For best view, please use Internet Explorer and disable any pop-up blocker that you may have)

If you need assistance in filling out the form, click here for instructions

If you have any questions, contact the Purchasing Office at (914)923-2621 or email at