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Effective March 16th, 2015 , the University has transitioned from the Ariba contract management system to Contract Director- SciQuest Inc. Contract Director is designed to track and monitor contracts through the various points of process and approval to ensure that Contract Managers/Originating Units can monitor the status of contract approval at every stage of the process. The old contract management system, Ariba, will only be accessible until March 30th, 2015. All contracts will be transitioned to Contract Director prior to March 30th, 2015. All new contracts must be submitted using the new Contract Director system. To gain access to Contract Director, please submit a helpdesk ticket,

Under the Ariba Contract Management System:

  • Contract Creation- Contract workspace creation is controlled through the use of Ariba templates that map the process of contract creation for different types of contracts. These templates include the required tasks and documents used in contract creation for different types of contracts. These templates include the required tasks and documents used in contract creation, as well as defining the different roles involved.
  • Process Management- Processes are defined by a series of phases and tasks that users must complete before a finalized contract is established. Users can indicate which tasks have been started and completed so others can easily monitor project status. Ariba generates notifications triggered by task assignment and due dates.
  • Document Management- Within a contract workspace documents are created, edited, reviewed and approved potentially by a variety of different users. Features include version control and tracking of changes.
  • Collaboration- Ariba supports specialized tasks that allow collaborators to exchange information and negotiate the details of contract documents as well as submit documents for the review and approval of other users, with complete version history.

Please, click below to review our services and the contract management process: 

  • Please, click here The Contract Facilitators:
    • Please, click hereOriginating Units
        Originating Units are responsible for conducting the initial contract negotiations with the vendor to make sure that the contract contains the minimum terms and conditions. The Originating Unit is the driving force behind the contract management process by following the contract through the process. 

    • Please, click hereFinance and Planning
        Finance and Planning is responsible for receiving contracts and purchase orders and maintaining contracts and supporting legal documents on the imaging system.
        Contact : Novlette Gooden-Castillo Purchasing & Contracts, Phone: (914)923-2690, Fax: (914)923-8114

    • Please, click hereThe Office of University Counsel
        The Office of University Counsel is responsible for reviewing contracts, negotiating terms not finalized by the Originating Unit and to approve contracts as to legal form.
        Contact : Robert Yarbrough -Office of University Counsel, Phone: (212) 346-1274, Fax: (212) 346-1682

    • Please, click hereRisk Management / Insurance
        The Director of Risk Management/Insurance administers insurance matters on behalf of the University. The Director reviews, approves insurance certificate from external parties. The Director may also negotiate insurance terms with external parties. When required by contract, the Director provides external parties copies of Pace's certificate of insurance.
        Contact : Rick Myers -Director, Risk Mgmt/Ins, Phone: (914)923-2627, Fax: (914)923-2731

  • Please, click here Contract Types:

  • Please, click here Contract Forms:
    • Independent Contractor Questionnaire - This form is to be completed and signed by the Originating Unit representative and should be included with consultant Agreements where Pace is contracting with an individual.
    • Contract Negotiation Checklist
    • Contract Signature Authority Form  
      This form (signed by the AVP Finance & Controller Ron Aloni) authorizes a Pace employee to sign standard Pace contracts and riders on behalf of the University. Please contact the Contract Administrator to request contract signing authority. Note that as per Pace University contract policies and procedures, contracts signed by authorized signatories must be uploaded to Ariba by the Originating Unit for the University’s records after they are fully-executed.
    • Location Filming Agreement 
      Agreement granting permission to film or record within Pace facilities.
    • Workers Compensation Exemption Statement 

  • Please, click here Contract Payment:

  • Please, click here Standard Contracts and Riders:
    • In the Ariba system, Pace standard contracts and riders are automatically generated in the Ariba Documents Folder of your Contract Workspace based on the contact type selected. Pace standard contracts and riders are still currently available under Finance Forms

  • Please, click here Renewing or Amending an existing contract:
    • Renewal: This type indicates that the contract is being amended simply to change the active dates for the contract i.e. the effective date or the expiration date. This could represent a situation where the contract was extended with the same terms as the previous version.  Renewal Form
    • Amendment: This type indicates that changes are required to the contract beyond just editing the dates. This may include changes to the commodity, pricing terms, or contract language added to the contract by adding a separate amendment document with additional clauses to the contract.   Amending Form

Helpful Resources:  

NEW- Ariba Training Video
This video (approximately 15 minutes) covers the following topics:

  • How to navigate the dashboard in Ariba to create your Contract Request
  • Explanations of the questions asked and sample answers in the Contract Request form
  • How to upload documents to your Contract Request
  • How to submit your Contract Request for the Contract Administrator’s review

The Contract Management Policy and Procedure is designed to provide detailed, clear, user-friendly information to the Originating Units for assistance in executing this process more efficiently.

If you have any questions contact the Purchasing & Contracts Department at Ext. 22642 or email them at

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