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Click on the link to download Fiscal 2017 Closing Year End Memo




Greetings Pace Community!


We are excited to announce the following enhancements that will be made to

Chrome River and E-Procurement this Spring.




Webinar and computer based training sessions will be offered.  Additional details regarding training will be communicated in the next several weeks.  For additional information regarding these initiatives, please contact Regina Beatty, Director of Accounts Payable at



Kronos Upgrade 


New Kronos Features

The days of wrestling with Java to access timesheets are gone…

Kronos is going Java free!

As if that’s not reason enough to celebrate, the Kronos upgrade will also introduce new & exciting features including:

  • Simplified historical edit (timecard approvers)
  • Improved timecard approval visualization
  • New genie enhancements (timecard approvers)  
  • Improved Payroll and Administrator processes                 

Please mark these important dates on your calendars

Tuesday, January 10th & Wednesday, January 11th

Kronos will be unavailable for time entry/manager approval

Thursday, January 12th

 New Kronos version available

NEW E-Procurement features

NEW E-Procurement's features

The Pace University Purchasing and Contracts Department remains committed to improving our e-Procurement Marketplace shopping experience for our end-users. On April 5th, we will be launching new features in e-procurement that we find very exciting!

We are introducing three new procurement forms and links to critical procurement functions to enhance your shopping experience. Below please find information on these new vendors and services.


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Dining on campus made easy!

Download the Chartwells App for the daily menu, events and specials!

Pace community members can expect high quality food, safe and sanitary conditions, first-rate customer service, and innovative food concepts at reasonable prices. Download the Chartwells App for the daily menu, events and specials!

Please go to Chartwells Campus Dining at Pace for daily specials, nutritional values, meal plans, and much, much more! [...]

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Purchasing and Contracts BLOG!

Purchasing and Contracts BLOG!

Do you have any questions regarding the use of the standard Catering/Event Pace Agreement? Need assistance with any Consultant or Vendor Services agreements? Do You Send Contract-Related Emails? Have a question about using Artistic Performance or Speaker Agreements?

Post your questions and concerns on the Purchasing and Contracts BLOG!


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Kronos New Makeover!

Kronos New Makeover!

To assist with the transition of the new Kronos' version, we are offering computer based training videos and webinars. The webinars provide an overview of the new features, a review of the updated layout and the opportunity to ask questions. Please click the link to register the available webinar.


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New Vendor Management System!

New Vendor Management System!

On March 1, 2013 Pace University’s Purchasing and Contracts Department will deploy a new on-line Vendor Management System which will assist us in meeting our goals of improving the overall quality of our data.

The new Vendor Management System can be located at here.


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Purchase Order Change Order Form

Purchase Order Change Order Form

In an effort to further automate the procurement process and establish a more efficient tracking method for Purchase order changes, we have developed an on-line change order form. This form will be utilized to submit requests for canceling an existing purchase order, cost or accounting elements, and dollar value (increase or decrease) of an existing order. [...]

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Business Card Program, Join!

Business Card Program, Join!

The Business Card Program includes a purchasing card, corporate travel card, fleet card and ghost card. The purchasing card is for everyday business expenses, the corporate travel card is for travel and entertainment expenses. [...]

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New Vendor to E-procurement

The Purchasing department has recently added a new vendor to our e-Procurement Marketplace

The Pace Procurement & Contracts Office is working diligently to build our e-Procurement Marketplace to include products and services used most frequently, and provide you with vendors, forms and catalogs that enable you to place orders more quickly and efficiently, leveraging pre-negotiated contracts that add the most value and sustainability to the University.


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Contract Director in March 2015

The University will migrate to Contract Director in March 2015. Contract Director will offer these exciting new features:

  1. A more appealing and user-friendly interface.
  2. One Contract ID number for the life cycle of each contract (no more Contract Request and Contract Workspace).
  3. Improved contract status visibility.
  4. Improved Amendment and Renewal creation.
  5. Pre-populated Pace templates - updated with vendor/consultant information and contract dates.
  6. Personalized dashboard.
  7. Flexible reporting.
  8. Vendors in E-procurement are dynamically synced to Contract Director.



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Internal Audit at Pace

Finance Calendar for April 2013

Check Finance Calendar for monthly deadlines and events.


Payroll Start Date: 4/8, 4/23

Timecard Approval Deadline: 4/2, 4/17

Paydate: 4/15, 4/30


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Enterprise Rent-A-Car is now a car provider for Pace

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is now a car provider for Pace

Employees receive these benefits:

Great Discounted Rates through the E&I Program!

Free Pickup service from your office or home! A cheaper alternative than taking your own personal car for trips over 150 miles!


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Request for Proposal Policy Guidelines

Request for Proposal Policy Guidelines Printer-friendly version

The RFP outlines the required services sought and some general information about the manner in which the services are to be performed. The RFP process brings structure to the procurement decision and allows the risks and benefits to be identified clearly upfront. [...]


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Green Purchasing Policy

Green Purchasing Policy

In support of Pace University’s commitment to sustainability, this Green Purchasing Policy facilitates decision-making at all levels of purchasing. All departments are expected to support the policy and implement the guidelines to the fullest extent possible.Green purchasing integrates environmentally and socially responsible considerations into all purchasing decisions for materials, products, and services.


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