Auxiliary Services

Provide high quality, efficient, innovative services to our students, faculties and staffs through its dining operations, students' mailrooms, bookstores, summer conference housing, ID/Debit card and the Downtown Conference Center.


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 Our Staff

Any questions please feel free to contact the Auxiliary Services Help Desk at and select the Auxiliary Services option.


** Temporarily in Miller 27

Name Title Location Extention Email Address
Mary Lieto Executive Director Briarcliff 33607
Tracy Jackson Dir, Auxiliary Housing Oprn Director Auxiliary Briarcliff / 1PP 11940
Katie Chase Assistant Director Briarcliff 33685
Clifford Mondesir Compliance Mgr/Dining Srv NYC-1PP 11015
Muhammad Hossain Systems Administrator** Kessel Center 33835
Pat Milo     One Card Coord** Kessel Center 33830
Maria DiRusso     Program Mgr. - Conferences NYC-1PP 11081
Terre Devlin     One Card Coord Briarcliff 33717
Patrick Stambaugh Coordinator NYC-1PP 11872
Stephanie St. Juste Program Coord NYC-1PP 11015
Janike Bradshaw One Card Coord NYC-1PP