The focus of the department is to

  • Monitor, track and enter into the University’s financial records the changes in value in the Pace University Investment Portfolio. Pace University's investments primarily consist of the Quasi-Endowed Board Designated Funds, Quasi-Endowed Donor Designated Funds, and Permanently Restricted Endowed Donor Funds.
  • Ensure adherence to all related University policies and procedures.
  • Provide quality customer service to our customers, the University community and field all related inquiries.
  • Consistently review and improve our processes using the latest technology.


  • Reports on the temporarily restricted funds available to supplement annual operating funds for each function and area of the University are issued quarterly. Meetings are scheduled with each area to review their funds and answer questions on how best to utilize this funding stream and to ensure funds are spent for the purposes designated by donors. The quarterly reports are supplemented with a report on projected income to better assist the areas in planning for future spending needs.  
  • Between quarterly meetings, we are available to all areas of the University to review, meet, discuss, and implement any changes needed in the use of temporarily restricted funds. 
  • We work closely with the Philanthropy Office in establishing individual funds in response to new restricted gifts. We assist the Philanthropy Office in preparing annual reports to the donors of endowed funds summarizing the value and use of funds provided through their generosity.


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Our Staff

Paul Kelley Director, Investments and Endowments Ext. 22851 E-Mail:
Laura Wright    Financial Analyst     Ext. 22877     E-mail: