Collaborative Buying

Educational & Institutional Cooperative Service, Inc. is a not-for-profit buying cooperative established by members of the National Association of Educational Procurement (NAEP) to provide goods and services to members at the best possible value. E&I leverage’s the purchasing power of more than 1,800 member institutions to significantly reduce the cost of acquisition and supply. The Cooperative lowers the cost of purchasing by: 

  • Lowering the upfront purchase price through aggregated purchasing power
  • Optimizing the procurement process by creating contracts that comply with  applicable procurement standards
  • Reducing the total cost of acquisition by leveraging the knowledge and expertise of members and supplier partners to establish best practices.
As a member institution Pace University takes advantage of the E&I purchasing power. The following vendors have been contracted through the Educational & Institutional Cooperative Purchasing-
  1. Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  2. GovConnection, Inc.
  3. Grainger, Inc.
  4. PanAm Travel
  5. VWR International


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