Welcome Pace University Travelers

Pace University announces that Travel Guard has been selected to provide business travel services for Pace University. Travel Guard has extensive experience in collegiate travel, and is committed to providing superior service by leveraging existing technology in the travel market. Travel Guard was selected because of their experience with Higher Education travel requirements and state of the art web portal, which will provide access to  airline, hotel and car rental reservations.

How to Access the Pace University Online Booking Tool Portal:

Pace University Online Booking Tool Portal can be accessed at:


Prior to booking travel, please review our travel portal for information pertaining to:

Should you have questions regarding the travel program, please contact the Purchasing and Contracts Staff.  In addition, the following Travel Guard contacts are available to provide support in booking your travel needs.

Travel Guard, Business Travel Services will provide the following individuals a primary point of management contact:

Katie Mancl Account Dev. Mgr. Email: Katie.Mancl@TravelGuard.com
Phone: 800.826.7791 Ext. 13200 * Fax: 715.345.2192
Deb Colangelo Corporate Travel Mgr. Email: Deborah.Colangelo@TravelGuard.com
Phone: 800.826.7791 Ext. 11540* Fax: 715.345.2192
Tracy Perrine Data / Reporting Specialist  Email: tracey.perrine@travelguard.com
Phone: 800.826.7791 Ext. 13150 * Fax: 715.345.2192
Charlene Bartell Accounting Manager Email: charlene.bartell@travelguard.com
Phone: 800.826.7791 Ext. 13160 * Fax: 715.345.2192
Tracy Perrine Online Administrator Email: Tracey.Perrine@TravelGuard.com
Phone: 800.826.7791 Ext. 13170 * Fax: 715.345.2192
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