Incoming Mail

Every morning, Mail Services sorts and processes the mail for delivery to all Pace University offices. All mail received in the morning from the postal service is delivered the same day.

Interoffice Mail:

  • All interoffice mail received in the morning is sorted and processed for 48 hours delivery.
  • Intercampus mail received in the afternoon is processed for 48 hours delivery.
  • Interoffice mail preparation:
    • Please cross out the previous addressee and in a clear box, write the name, department and campus of the new addressee.
    • Do not use the interoffice envelope for addresses outside of the University.
    • In an effort to reduce expenses, please return to Mail Services all extra interoffice envelopes that have accumulated in your office.This will allow for a redistribution of these envelopes to departments in need. All extra interoffice envelopes should be checked to see that they are empty and banded and included with regular mail pickup by Mail Services staff.

Incoming Specials:

  • All incoming specials; i.e., Certified, Registered, Express Mail, picked-up from the Post Office in the morning are processed using the University’s internal tracking software and delivered in the morning.
  • All courier services that deliver to Mail Services before the morning mail runs will be processed for delivery in the morning. All courier service specials missing the morning mail runs will be processed for afternoon delivery.
  • You are required to sign for all specials. Should no one be present at your office during the mail run, we will try again on the next mail run.

Incoming Mail Delivery and Pick-Up Schedule:

  • Morning Mail Delivery and Pick-Up, All Campuses
    • All offices that are currently getting mail/parcel deliveries and pick-ups will continue receiving the same services.
    • All Mail deliveries and pick-ups on all campuses will commence at 10:00 a.m. - Monday through Friday. 
  • Afternoon Mail
    • There are designated Pace University Mail Boxes located at the locations below. All offices that want to send out mail will use these boxes. The mail must be bundled together and tagged with the office barcode label.

* Please Note: Mail pick-up at these boxes is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. - Monday through Friday.

Mail Drop Box Locations:

New York Campuses:

  1. Lobby of 41 Park Row
  2. 1 Pace Plaza - By West Wing Elevators opposite Graduation Office

White Plains Campuses:

  1. Parking lot between 31 and 33 Crane Avenue buildings
  2. In front of Annex building
  3. Grad Center 1Martine in the lobby.

Pleasantville Campus:

  1. In parking lot at the junction of Lienhard and Miller Halls
  2. In circle in front of Marks Hall 
  3. At bus stop in front of the Kessel Campus Center 
  4. In front of Goldstein Center

Briarcliff Manor Campus:

  1. At bus stop in front of Woodward Hall.