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Pace Safety and Security will assist any person on campus who needs a battery boost.


  1. The person being assisted must provide personal identification, show evidence of ownership of the vehicle, and read and sign a waiver form.
  2. Security will loan a set of battery cables or a booster battery pack with instructions on how to use them.
  3. When giving a car a battery boost, always wear a face shield and gloves for your protection.
  4. Don't smoke or use an open flame near the battery.
  5. Check that there is liquid in the battery and that it is not frozen.
  6. If you come in contact with battery acid, rinse the affected area for at least 15 minutes with plain cool water.
  7. Make certain cars are not touching. Apply emergency brakes and set gears to either neutral or park.
  8. Be certain ignition is off before connecting booster.
  9. Attach one red clamp to the live battery's POSITIVE terminal post. Apply second red clamp to dead battery's POSITIVE terminal post.
  10. Attach one black clamp to NEGATIVE terminal post of the live battery, and second black clamp to chassis of engine block of the dead car at maximum distance from the battery. Do not connect to the vehicles carburetor or fuel lines.
  11. Now start the live car and let the engine fast idle for 2 minutes. Then, while still at idle, start cranking the dead car.
  12. When car starts, immediately remove clamps in the reverse order.