Bomb Threats




Contact:  Security 
New York   Ext: 1800
Pleasantville   Ext: 3400
Briarcliff   Ext: 2700
White Plains   Ext: 4111



All bomb threats are to be taken seriously. The majority of bomb threats called into targets are made with the intent of disrupting normal business.  However, every bomb threat must be considered real until investigated to ensure the safety of building occupants.  Most times, the call will be brief, but if you get a call, attempt to keep the caller the phone.  The following procedures are to be followed any time a bomb threat is received.


  1. Refer to Bomb Threat checklist and try to get as much information as possible. 
  2. Upon hanging up, immediately call Security, and they will contact the police and appropriate administrators.
  3. The Security Supervisor and/or Security Coordinator on duty will act as the bomb search coordinator.
  4. Persons in the area of the search should not smoke, touch strange or suspicious objects, make radio transmissions, or use the elevators.
  5. The Security Supervisor will inform all security personnel not to use their  portable radios during the search procedure.
  6. If/when the appropriate administrator makes a decision to evacuate a   building, the Security department will notify individuals within the affected building advising them to evacuate their areas.
  7. Follow the same evacuation procedures for the protocol Fire Emergencies-Non- Residential Facilities”.
  8. Doors and windows should be left open to reduce shock waves in the event  of explosion.
  9. If you should receive a bomb threat by phone, fill out the attached  bomb threat checklist.