Catastrophic Emergency


CONTACT: Security WP  (Ext:  4111)
  Security NYC (Ext:  1800)
  Security PLV (Ext:  3400) BR (Ext:  2700)






Office of the President Ext: 1097 Ext: 1097 Ext: 1097
Provost Ext: 1956 Ext: 1956 Ext: 1956
Exec VP for Finance and Administration Ext: 2720 Ext: 1227 Ext: 1227
VP for Enrollment Management Ext: 1302 Ext: 1302 Ext: 1302
VP for University Relations Ext: 1396 Ext: 1396 Ext: 1396
VP for Human Resources Ext: 1310 Ext: 1310 Ext: 1310
VP of Information Technology Ext: 2658 Ext: 2658 Ext: 2658
Director of Media Relations Ext: 1117 Ext: 1117 Ext: 1117
Dean for Students Ext: 3860 Ext: 4146 Ext: 1306
University Director Health Care Unit Ext: 3760 Ext: 3760 Ext: 1600
Counseling Center Ext: 3710 Ext: 3710 Ext: 1526
Director of Buildings and Grounds Ext: 2725 Ext: 4088 Ext: 1521
University Director of Security Ext: 3700 Ext: 3700 Ext: 3700
Asst. Director of Security PNY Ext: 1800 Ext: 1800 Ext: 1800

In the event of an accident, illness, or act of violence resulting in the unexpected death of a member of the Pace community (student, faculty and/or staff) the designated University Administration, once contacted will begin the notification process. The Director of Security, Dean for the Law School and the Director of the Counseling   working collaboratively, will activate the Catastrophic Emergency and Postvention protocol.

Note: Acts of Violence include but are not limited to: suicide, homicide, sexual assault, accident leading to an accidental death, assault leading to a physical injury, act of terrorism (e.g. bombing, hostage situation), fire, natural disaster and bias incident.

Each department will develop and maintain a protocol to secure important documents and materials in an emergency situation.


  1. Scene management - Security will coordinate response.
  2. Informing and contacting family of the deceased/injured.
  3. All student related incidents, the VP for Enrollment Management and student life will designate the office to coordinate the appropriate response.
  4. All faculty/staff related incidents the VP for Human Resources will designate the office to coordinate the appropriate response.
  5. Providing support services and postvention to the Pace community within the first 24 hours after the incident, the Counseling and Personal Development Center will mobilize the Pace Trauma team for on-site postvention response. The Director of Counseling and Personal Development will have the responsibility of staffing, scheduling, and communicating information regarding the postvention program. Educational materials (presently in first draft) will be available for parents, support staff, etc. Follow up programs will be arranged, if they are deemed desirable or needed.

Training will be provided for administrators and the Trauma Response Team. Faculty and staff members will be identified and trained to respond in postvention to a catastrophic emergency. Initial training will be scheduled and annual updating sessions will be conducted.

Trauma Response Team to include representatives of the following offices:

Health Care Unit, Dean for Students, Human Resources, Security and other members as needed. Role of the team is yet to be determined.

  1. Providing information to the media and dissemination of information within the University: VP for University Relations will activate the "Crisis Communication Protocol".
  2. Within one month after the trauma, a "symbolic act" (e.g. candlelight vigil, memorial service) will be scheduled. Speakers at the memorial service should meet with the appropriate VP and Director of Counseling prior to the service.
  3. For student related incidents, the VP Enrollment management and Student Life will designate the office to coordinate the response.
  4. For faculty/staff incidents, the VP for Human Resources will designate the office to coordinate the response.
  5. Maintaining liaison with external police and agencies - Security will coordinate these activities.
  6. Coordinating University internal logistics regarding registration, billing, etc. for student related incidents, the VP Enrollment Management and student life will designate the office to coordinate the response.
  7. For faculty/staff related incidents, the VP for Human resources will designate the office to coordinate the response.
  8. The Director of Security, the Dean for theLaw School, and the Director of Counseling working collaboratively and in a timely manner will coordinate a crisis event evaluation meeting.