Fire Emergencies - Non-Residential Facilities





New York

Ext: 1800


Ext: 2700


Ext: 3400

White Plains

Ext: 4111


All fire alarms are to be taken seriously. The following procedures are to be followed any time a fire alarm sounds.  University policy requires occupants to evacuate as directed by the building’s specific fire safety plan in the event of fire alarm activation.

  • One Pace Plaza, 140 William St., and 182 Broadway. A horn will sound on the fire floor, the floor above the fire floor and the floor below the fire floor.  The occupants of these areas should immediately use the exit stairs to descend to a floor level that is at least several floors below the fire floor, and await further instruction from safety officials.  All other areas will receive an alert tone and occupants should stand-by for further instructions.
  • 156 William St., 163 William St. and Midtown Campus. Occupants should follow the building’s Fire Safety Director’s directions and procedures.
  • All other Pace owned / leased properties. University policy requires all occupants to evacuate immediately.


Non-Residential Facilities        

  • All stairwells in the building will be used for the evacuation of the building.
  • The elevators will not be used.
  • When the alarm is sounded, all occupants will use the exit nearest them, if that stairway is not usable, go to the next closest stairway.
  • The fire alarm is a loud bell or horn signal.
  • Doors, and if possible, windows, should be closed as the last person leaves a room or area.
  • When the alarms sound, evacuate the building quickly, but do not run.  Do not panic.
  • Persons who walk slowly or have difficulties with stairs should walk to the right.
  • Leave the vicinity of the building so that the (fire fighters) will have access to the building.
  • Proceed to your designated assembly area for your floor. (see below)
  • Never re-enter a building without the all clear from the Fire Department or Security.

All faculty members should immediately evacuate students from classroom upon activation of the fire alarm, if required.

All students are required to evacuate the building immediately and stand approximately 200 feet from the building, if required.

All employees must evacuate the building and go to designated assembly area, if required.

Designated Assembly Area

All department heads and supervisors must designate a gathering area outside approximately 200 feet away from the building for employees to go to after evacuation. For employees that are away from department at time of evacuation, once outside, if safe to do so, should make their way to the designated assembly area for his/her department.  It is important to know that everyone got out of the building.


  • All persons should proceed toward the nearest safe emergency exit.
  • When a disabled person reaches a stairway he/she should request help from others in the area. If assistance is not immediately available, individuals should remain in the exit corridor and if possible call for help.
  • If the corridor becomes dangerous with fire and/or smoke, proceed into the stairway.  Be aware of people exiting the building via the stairway.   If the stairway should become unsafe, proceed to a safe area away from smoke and fire, closing doors behind you to isolate the smoke.
  • Call 911 and give your name and location.
  • Elevators will not be used to evacuate disabled persons until the fire department determines that they are safe to use.
  • The Fire Department and/or Security should be informed immediately by any member of the Pace Community as to the location of a disabled person.
  • In order to evacuate persons with disabilities as quickly as possible, it will be necessary for the Safety and Security Department to maintain a current list of disabled employees and students.  If any member of the Pace Community wishes to be on this list please send your name, department, extension and supervisor’s name and extension to the Human Resource Director for your location.  If you are a student please send information, including class schedule to Student Life.    This information will be forwarded to the Safety and Security Department.  The Safety and Security Department will meet with persons needing assistance to discuss a plan of action.
  • If a disabled person is visiting a department, it is that department’s responsibility to assign sufficient employees to assist in evacuation when necessary and to alert the Safety and Security Department on your campus.