Psychological Emergency (NONRESIDENTIAL)



For the New York Campuses Counseling Center
Phone: (212) 346-1526
Hours: Monday-Thursday   8:30 AM- 6: 30PM
  Fridays  8:30AM- 5PM
After business hours: Security Ext: 1800
Suicide Prevention Hotline (212) 673-3000
Rape Crisis Help Hotline (212) 577-7777
For the Westchester Campuses Counseling Center
  (914) 773-3710
Hours: Monday-Thursday 9AM- 6PM
  Fridays 9AM-5PM
Summer Hours: Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM
After business hours: Security Pleasantville - Ext: 3400
  Briarcliff Ext: 2700
  White Plains Ext: 4111
Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
Rape Crisis Hotline (914) 345-9111


The entire Pace community shares a responsibility to respond to a person in a psychological emergency and to protect that individual and/or the community.  Although the Counseling Services’ primary responsibility is to the student population on campus, the Counseling staff is also available to the faculty and for consultation, evaluation, and referral.


  1. During office operational hours - initiate the procedures under the protocol “How to Handle Emotional Distress”.  Contact the Counseling Center and/or Health care Unit if needed.
  2. Recommendations may include:
    • A Staff Psychologist may consult with the caller to determine appropriate recommendations.
    • Security may be contacted to arrange appropriate emergency transportation.
  3. AFTER HOURS AND/OR WEEKENDS - initiate contact to the appropriate 24-hour community support service as outlined above (see contacts) and follow their recommendations and suggestions and/or contact Security for that campus, who will contact the psychologist on 24 hour beeper duty from the Counseling  Center.  The psychologist on-call may provide recommendations as outline above.
  4. If the situation involves a faculty member, the Dean for Students, Security, the Director of Counseling, and the Campus Director of Human Resources should be informed as to the nature of the incident.  
  5. If emergency transportation is needed, Security should be contacted for   assistance.