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Campus & Residence Hall Security Measures

Each campus has an individual security system designed to meet its unique needs. In New York City, identification badges must be shown to enter the campus. In addition, key areas are monitored by a CCTV/alarm system.

In Pleasantville, Martin and North Halls offer various electronic access controls. The rear and side doors are controlled by electromagnetic door locks allowing for immediate emergency egress whenever the buildings' fire alarm system is activated. The front doors at Dannat, Martin and North have CCTV cameras that activate video recorders each time the doors are opened. In the event a door is left open for more than 30 seconds, a local audible siren is heard. All of these systems are monitored at the Pleasantville campus Security Office where security personnel are dispatched when necessary. While cars are allowed on campus unchallenged during business hours, all vehicles without Pace parking decals are required to produce identification after hours.

Persons entering the Briarcliff campus are required to produce identification at all times. The front doors to all residence halls are kept locked at all times and there are electromagnetic door locks on side and rear doors of four dormitories.