Major System Failure


(Electric, Heat, Central Air Conditioning, Gas  Leak, Water/Sewer)

CONTACT  Buildings and Grounds
   During business hours
New York   Ext: 1521
Briarcliff    Ext: 2725
Pleasantville   Ext: 3386
White Plains   Ext: 4088
New York  Ext: 1800
Briarcliff  Ext: 2700
Pleasantville  Ext: 3400
White Plains  Ext: 4111




To provide a safe and secure environment while assessing the situation.  All reasonable efforts will be made to provide temporary service until permanent repairs are made.  If the safety of the building occupants cannot be assured, senior management will be consulted for the relocation of occupants.




In the event of any major system failure Security or the Maintenance Mechanic on duty will advise management of the situation in the following order:

  • University Maintenance Supervisor
  • Asst. Director or Director of Buildings and Grounds
  • Director of Physical Plant
  • AVP for Facilities Management

An immediate assessment will be made to determine if all life safety systems are operational and that no hazardous conditions are present.  [The senior facilities management/security person on site will make the final determination if any building is safe to occupy or if there should be relocation to another building or campus.]


Restoration of services will begin as soon as the safety and security of occupants and workers can be assured.


First responders shall conform to the following procedure as much as possible.

  •  Access the situation
    • Ensure the safety of occupants
    • Ensure the safety of workers
  •  Abate hazardous conditions
    • Secure University property to prevent further damage.
    • Notify management