Security Transportation for Medical Emergencies


CONTACT: Safety & Security
New York Ext: 1800
Briarcliff Ext: 2700
Pleasantville Ext: 3400
White Plains Ext: 4111


The Safety and Security Department will transport a person to a local hospital or the Health Care Unit when requested in the event of a minor injury or illness. Security will not determine if a specific case is serious enough to require transport.


  1. In the case of the following instances, transportation should be provided by ambulance:
  • unconsciousness
  • unresponsiveness
  • delirium
  • seizures that won’t stop or seizures in someone with no previous history of seizures
  • loss of large amount of blood
  • suspicion of broken neck, back, or skull
  • difficulty breathing
  • chest pain in adults over 35 or SEVERE chest pain in any age group
  • person in shock - clammy skin, pale, agitated, low blood pressure, and fast pulse
  • serious injury to leg or other weight bearing limb where sitting or standing would worsen the injury (would need stretcher transport)
  • any situation where the person’s status seems unstable or where there is suspicion that the condition might deteriorate significantly during transport.

If there is doubt concerning which means of transportation to take, call an ambulance.

During the hours when the Health Care Unit is open, the nurse practitioner on duty should be contacted to assist in decision-making. Always try to have a third party accompany the aided person if transported by the safety and security department.

The above procedures pertain only to emergencies and do not include transporting individuals to previously arranged appointments for medical treatment.