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University Holiday Transportation Schedule

Transportation 2015/2016 - University Holiday Bus Schedule For Undergraduate and Graduate

August 29 & 30                                  Weekend Service Resumes

August 31 and September 1               Summer Schedule till 6:00pm then Weekend Schedule      

September 2                                        Fall Semester Begins: Regular Intercampus Shuttle resumes

September 7                                       Labor day: Weekend Schedule

September 14                                   Rosh Hashanah: Summer Schedule till 6pm then Weekend Schedule

September 22                                   Yom Kippur Eve: Regular Schedule till 6pm then Weekend Schedule

September 23                                   Yom Kippur: Summer Schedule till 6pm then weekend

November 25                                    Summer Schedule

November 26 - 28                            Thanksgiving Break: No Transportation Services

November 29                                    Weekend Schedule

November 30                                    Regular Schedule resumes

December 18                                     Fall Semester Ends: Regular Schedule

December 19-20                               Weekend Schedule

December 21to 23                           Summer Schedule

December 24 to January 3            Holiday Break: No Transportation Service

January 4 to 17                                  Summer Schedule

January 18                                           Martin Luther King Day: No Transportation Service

January 19-23                                    Summer Schedule

January 24                                           Weekend schedule

January 25                                           Spring Semester begins: Regular Schedule Resumes

February 15                                        President’s Day: No Transportation Service

March 19 & 20                                   Weekend Schedule

March 21 to 25                                  Spring Break: Summer Schedule

March 26 & 27                                   Weekend Schedule

April 22                                                 Passover Eve: Regular Schedule till 6:00pm then Weekend Schedule

May 11                                                 Spring Semester Ends: Regular Schedule

May 12                                                 Summer Schedule starts: Please note there is no weekend service over the summer


May TBA                                              Law School Commencement

May TBA                                              New York City Commencement

May TBA                                              Westchester Undergrad Commencement


See Website for info on Summer Schedule