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Spring 2015 International Student Advising Hours

Please see any of the advisors during walk-in hours for quick questions (5-10 minutes) and dropping off or picking up paperwork. If you would like to discuss employment, change of status, or other more complication immigration or personal matters please schedule an appointment. Please note that there are certain hours during which the staff does not see students - during those times they are processing student paperwork, attending meetings, managing projects, etc. However, we are always available in case of an emergency.

Mondays                                                          Thursdays
10:00am-12:00pm     Appointment hours - Joshua Buland       10:00am-12:00pm     Appointment hours - Eve Khan
1:30pm-4:00pm         Appointment hours - Mira Krasnov         1:30pm-4:00pm         Walk-in hours - Joshua Buland

Tuesdays & Wednesdays                                  Fridays
3:00pm-6:00pm         Walk-in hours - Eve Khan                       10:00am-12:00pm     Walk-in hours - Joshua Buland

If you are a Westchester Campus student (White Graduate Center, Pleasantville, or Law School) please contact Joshua Buland to schedule an appointment.

NYC Office Location:  International Students & Scholars - Pace University, One Pace Plaza, Room W207, New York, NY 10038
NYC Office Telephone:  (212) 346-1368          NYC Office Fax:  (212) 346-1948          NYC Email:


Staff Listing
Mira Krasnov, Director/PSDO
Eve Khan, International Student Advisor/DSO
Joshua Buland, International Student Advisor/DSO
Oneca Stanislaus, Staff Assistant