2011-2012 International Student Health Insurance

June 2011

Dear Pace University International Student:

Like most colleges and universities in the United States, Pace University has a mandatory health insurance policy for international students.  The University has chosen an insurance carrier that we feel best serves the needs of our international students at a very competitive cost.  United Healthcare will provide a comprehensive Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan.   Our plan administrator, The Allen J. Flood Companies, Inc., will remain the same as last year, and all coverage questions should be directed to them or the Claims Administrator, Klais & Company, Inc.  All claim forms and claim inquiries should be directed to Klais & Company, Inc.

Please note that all full-time international students (F-1, J-1 and other visa statuses) are automatically enrolled in the University’s international student health insurance program.  The fee will automatically be added to your student invoice and must be paid with tuition.  International students in visa statuses other than F-1, J-1 who may be part-time are also eligible to enroll in this plan.  It is recommended that you also purchase health insurance for any family members accompanying you to the U.S.  See details in the enclosed brochure.  International students are not eligible to enroll in the mandatory Pace University domestic health insurance plan.

The plan is described in the enclosed brochure.  Enrolled students will be receiving ID cards in the mail.  Please read this information carefully.  For students enrolling at Pace in September 2011, the cost for the 2011-2012 academic year is $672.  For students enrolling at Pace in January 2012, the cost is $451.  The policy runs from August 15, 2011 to August 25, 2012 for Pace undergraduate and graduate students.  For Pace law students, the policy runs from August 15, 2011 to August 15, 2012.  See the brochure for summer session costs and dates.

If you have comparable insurance coverage under another policy, you may be able to waive the Pace University international student health insurance.  Waivers may be granted to students who are already covered under certain government-sponsored plans, for example, with benefits that meet or exceed all of the benefits provided under this policy. To apply for a waiver, you must submit a completed Waiver Form and a copy of your current policy (in English and in USD) before the deadline of October 8, 2011for Fall semester enrollment or February 24, 2012 for Spring semester enrollment.  These materials must be sent to the Allen J. Flood Companies, Inc., where they will be reviewed by an insurance professional for their adequacy.  A waiver form and return envelope are enclosed; faxed copies will not be accepted.  If you are granted a waiver, you will be informed by The Allen J. Flood Companies, Inc., in writing and will then receive a credit on your student account.  Please note that staff members of the International Students and Scholars Office do not review waiver requests nor make decisions regarding insurance waivers.

If you have any questions, please contact the International Students and Scholars Office on your campus.  On behalf of Pace University, I wish you good health and success during the coming year.


Mark Allen Poisel, Ed.D
Associate Provost for Student Success