Domestic Waiver



Waiver Process


If you have existing Accident and Sickness Insurance coverage under another policy (self, parent, spouse, etc.)
you may waive the Pace University coverage. The only way for you to do this is via the Internet, using the Pace
University Web site at  
Please refer to Portal log in page for list of supported browers, select theMy Pace link on the lower left and login using your
Pace IT Systems User Name and password.There are instructions for bothcurrent and newly admitted students to assist with your login and reference to a helpdesk if you have difficulties. Aftersuccessfully logging into My Pace, click on the Students tab.
You will see a link, Health Insurance Waiver, Click thelink and follow the directions on the form to enter your alternate insurance
policy information (Insurance Carriername; individual’s policy number; and the Carrier Customer Service telephone number).
After entering your data,print a copy for your records and then click submit. A confirmation screen will appear. Print a copy of the
confirmation screen for your records. The insurance charge will be removed from your student statement. You may
view your statement on-line using the Registration link on the My Pace page. Students who do not have access to a
computer off campus may use the computers in the Campus Libraries and Computer Resource Centers. Please print a
copy of your confirmation for your records. This will become an important supporting document confirming
that you successfully waived out prior to the deadline should the premium remain on your account beyond the
deadline date.

The deadline for requesting a waiver is: September 22, 2011 for the annual coverage; February 1, 2012 for the
Spring Term coverage; June 13, 2012 for the Summer Session I Term coverage; and July 27, 2012 for the Summer
Session II Term coverage. Students who register after the first day of classes will be permitted to submit the waiver
request within seven (7) calendar days of the date of their registration. Requests for waivers received after these
dates will not be honored, so please file early.

Office of Student Assistance (OSA) Contact Information:

New York City
One Pace Plaza
1st floor
(212) 346-1315

Administrative Center
1st floor
(914) 773-3431
Graduate Center
One Martine Avenue
2nd floor
(914) 422-4044
School of Law
Aloysia Hall
1st floor
(914) 422-4032