Golden Key Accomplishments

The Golden Key International Honor Society at Pace University, Pleasantville exceeded their expectations for the 2009-2010 academic year by creating the largest and most active honor society on the Pleasantville campus.

For the third straight year, the chapter received Gold Status.  This is the highest status that a Golden Key chapter can attain by fulfilling the values of engagement, excellence, diversity, respect, innovation, collaboration, and integrity.  A certificate for this accomplishment was received at the 2010 Golden Key International Conference.

The chapter was awarded the 2009 Chapter Service Award this past fall.  The annual Chapter Service Award is one of many ways that Golden Key helps student members realize their potential. The Chapter Service Award recognizes a chapter’s ability to offer outstanding service to the community. “It is only fitting that the chapter at Pace University is recognized by Golden Key,” commented John W. Mitchell, Golden Key’s Chief Executive Officer.  “Our members are inspired and motivated not only to achieve exceptional academic accomplishments, but also to make a positive impact on our world through the Society’s commitment to service.”

Individuals within the chapter were also recognized this past year. Advisor, Prof. Christopher Walther, was recognized for his five years of service to Golden Key and president, Christopher Uhlick, was the recipient of a Golden Key Study Abroad Scholarship.

This past fall 2009 the chapter inducted its largest number of members at 127 students.  At the new member induction ceremony, Dr. Melissa Cardon was the recipient of the 2009 Golden Key Honorary Member Award and gave an inspirational message to all chapter members. “The induction ceremony was beautiful,” commented Brittany Perry, chapter vice-president.

This year the chapter held fourteen events which were open to both chapter members and the University community. Some of these events included Wrapping Gifts for Underprivileged  Children, Geography Game during Relay for Life, Interview Workshop, and a trip to the United Nations.

Taking an active roll in the chapter, vice-president, Sindhu Mathew, attended the Golden Key Regional Conference in Stony Brook, New York and Prof. Christopher Walther and Christopher Uhlick attended the Golden Key International Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Attending a multitude of seminars during the conferences sparked new and innovative ideas for chapter improvement and community engagement.

Much hard work and dedication was exhibited throughout the year in the chapter, evident through the many objectives achieved by all chapter members.  After having such a successful year, the chapter is looking to build upon all past accomplishments.