Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership

Golden Key International Honour Society is an internationally recognized, non-profit organization with nearly 350 chapters throughout the United States and across the globe. Golden Key invites only the top 15% of juniors and seniors with a 3.5 GPA or higher to be members. As the world's leading and most active collegiate honor society, Golden Key distinguishes and rewards these students
  by providing an array of benefits:

Academic Recognition

  • Recognition by the largest and most active international honor society
  • Induction ceremony and reception honoring new members held on campus each year
  • Personalized membership certificate and press release announcement
  • Graduation honor cords, stoles, pins and pendants available for purchase



  • Listing membership in Golden Key promotes distinction as a scholar and as a high achiever
  • Assists with graduate program applications and career placement



  • Nearly $500,000 awarded annually in undergraduate and graduate scholarships
  • Scholarship programs in the arts, business, education, engineering, research, study abroad, service and more
  • More than four million dollars in scholarships awarded to date


Career Assistance

  • Exclusive internship and employment opportunities through Golden Key's corporate partners
  • Golden Key online career center provides employment information and job listings


Leadership Opportunities

  • Chapters are student-run under the able guidance of dedicated faculty/staff advisor(s)
  • International conventions, regional conferences and leadership roundtables
  • Local, regional and international leadership positions


Community Service Opportunities

  • Chapter, regional and international community service programs
  • Partnerships with America’s Promise, Teach for America, Make a Difference Day and others



  • CONCEPTS award-winning annual magazine
  • Monthly electronic newsletter with Golden Key news, updates on new membership benefits, job announcements and more
  • Press releases published articles referencing Golden Key, our members and affiliates

Networking Worldwide

  • Nearly 350 chapters in Australia, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States
  • Membership network of 1.5 million high achievers, accomplished university faculty and staff, and business leaders
  • Access to Golden Key's international chapter directory


Membership Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.        Do I have to pay annual membership dues?
A.      There are no annual dues associated with Golden Key membership. There is a one-time-only membership fee that is paid when an individual joins. For more information on membership fees, please contact your local chapter.

Q.      Now that I have received the letter of invitation and want to join, what do I do?

A.       There are two ways you can accept your membership invitation. You can mail the completed Membership Acceptance Card and complete fee payment to the Golden Key headquarters in Atlanta.  The acceptance card must arrive in Atlanta by the deadline date to produce your certificate in time for the induction ceremony. Or, you can join on-line via our secure Web site.  Your letter of information or e-mail will provide you with specific instructions on how to accept your membership and pay on-line.

Q.      I have lost my letter of invitation.  Can I get another one?

A.      If you have misplaced your letter of invitation, please contact the chapter advisor at your local chapter. Indicate that you did receive the invitation but you need another one.  Be sure to provide your full name and your current mailing address.  The advisor will verify that you are on the invitation list and mail you a replacement invitation. If you are unable to reach the chapter advisor, please call Golden Key headquarters at 1 800 377-2401.

Q.      I qualify for Golden Key membership, but did not receive an invitation. How can I join?

A.       Contact the chapter advisor on your campus.  If you are unable to reach the chapter advisor, please call Golden Key Headquarters at 1 800 377-2401. At this time, we will check to see if you are on our invitation list in case we did mail you an invitation. If your name is on the list, we’ll give you a replacement invitation immediately.

If you are not on our invitation list, you have two options. You can secure a copy of your transcripts or grade reports (the copy mailed to you or an unofficial copy printed from an on-line source is fine) and bring this report to the chapter advisor to get an invitation. Or, you can bring your grade report to one of the chapter’s information tables and fill our the “Prospective Member Inquiry Form.” This completed form will be given to the chapter advisor.  Once it is verified that you meet all the membership criteria an invitation will be sent to you.

Q.     I recently transferred to this school.  Can I join?

A.      If your new university accepts or recognizes a transfer GPA, then you are eligible to join Golden Key if all other criteria (at least junior status and meets the GPA) are met.

Q.      The deadline has passed; can I still join?

A.      If the deadline for membership has expired and you still wish to join, please send your completed Membership Acceptance Card and complete fee payment to international headquarters as soon as possible. The invitation you received to join Golden Key expires within one year of the postmark of that letter. Your personalized certificate will be mailed to you at the mailing address you provide.

Q.      Are graduate students allowed to join?

A.       Yes, if your undergraduate institution has a Golden Key chapter, and you meet that chapter’s membership requirements, you can join at your undergraduate university. Your certificate of membership in Golden Key must be based on your undergraduate grades. Your certificate will be mailed to you. However, you can choose to attend and be recognized at the upcoming induction ceremony at your current university. When you arrive at the induction, please have your name added to the list of new members who will be called during the ceremony. For additional information, please contact Member Services at the Golden Key International Headquarters. (link to contact us page)

Q.      I joined Golden Key last year and I received another invitation this year OR I joined Golden Key while attending another university.  Do I have to join and pay the membership fee again?    

A.       If you received another invitation this year after joining the Society last year, please disregard this invitation. It is possible that your information in our database is not accurate and we encourage you to go to the web site to update your information. Regarding membership fees, you will never have to pay another membership fee other than the initial fee you paid upon joining the Society.

Q.      What happens if my cumulative GPA drops after I join?

A.       Once you become a member, you are a lifetime member.  Your membership will not be withdrawn due to grades.

Q.      I’m already a member, but I have not heard anything from the Society since I joined.  Why not?

A.    It is important that both the local chapter officers and the Golden Key headquarters know that you wish to remain connected with us and that we have your most current contact information. Please update your information with the Golden Key international headquarters at ADD LINK. Additionally, chapter programs or meetings are often how the local chapters know whether you wish to be active