Eden Smitelli

Many Honors students may recognize senior, Eden Smitelli, for her many leadership positions and campus community involvement.  The applied psychology major from the Long Island, New York town of Plainview, has found a way to incorporate her academic studies into some of her extra curricular activities.  She is the Secretary of the Psychology Club and the psychology honors society, Psi Chi, and has been involved with both organizations for two years.  Eden has also been a member of UNICEF since her sophomore year and is a returning Resident Assistant in Briarcliff’s Hillside dormitory. She even experienced the life of a Pace athlete during her first-year, as an outside hitter on the Women’s Volleyball Team. 

Eden attributes her enhanced collegiate experience to the Pforzheimer Honors College, which introduced her to the children of the Pleasantville Cottage School.  Eden created a relationship with the Cottage School children and organization by attending many Honors College events designed to aid the lives of these young students. Some of her favorite events include “Decorating the Cottage School for the Holidays” and  “Wrapping Gifts for Underprivileged Children.” Eden explained, “I really enjoyed working with the children there and developed a passion for helping that population,” in her interview.  She is currently interning at the Pleasantville Cottage School’s Diagnostic Center 1 for academic credit.  She went on to say, “If it wasn’t for the Honors College events with the Cottage School, I probably wouldn’t even have this internship!”

Eden’s favorite memory of Pace University was her travel course to Fiji in the spring of 2009. This course opened her eyes to all of the opportunities that college has to offer and she would like to be part of another Pace travel course.  “I want to see the world now,” she said, “while I’m young and don’t have anything holding me down.” Eden’s advice to Honors College first-year students is to make a four-year plan.  She used the campus resources of the Career Services offices to help her begin the planning process. “Ask as many questions as you can, no question is ever stupid!” she says. Eden also reiterates the key concept of Pace University’s campus life: Get involved with a lot of organizations and clubs.  She also recommends that students take courses with Drs. Keegan and Hundersmarck during their time here.

Like many graduating seniors, Eden’s post graduation plans include graduate school. She intends to earn her PsyD, the psychology equivalent of a PhD.  She is focused now on studying for her GRE and then spending her time on graduate school applications. Eden would like to work with children and adolescents in the future in a school environment, or maybe even her own practice.  Her other future ambitions include joining the Peace Corps for a few years, which will surely be another unforgettable experience. “Putting yourself out there is really what makes your college experience!”