Honors Awards Dinner

Honors graduating seniors and five-year combined degree program students gathered on May 16, 2011, to celebrate the completion of their studies in the Pforzheimer Honors College.  Kessel Student Center’s Gottesman Room slowly filled with excited students, Honors professors, and proud family members and guests to acknowledge the many achievements of the graduates. 

Dr. Benton began the evening’s ceremony by warmly greeting the audience and introducing the event’s keynote speaker, Provost Harriet Feldman.  Dr. Feldman’s intimate involvement with Pace University ranges from professor and student mentor to Dean of the Schools of Nursing and Education, and this class of Honors graduates was very fortunate to receive her good wishes and sincere congratulations on their special evening. 

After Dr. Feldman’s speech, Dr. Benton returned to the podium to announce that the buffet-style dinner would begin and the hungry crowd helped themselves to salad, rolls, pasta, steamed vegetables, and chicken francaise dishes.  After dinner, the students and guests were treated to a desert of chocolate fondue with strawberries, pineapple, and honeydew to be dipped in delicious melted chocolate.

Once everyone had been served, Dr. Benton introduced the Honors College Office staff to the audience, calling them her “second family.”  Two of the Honors student aides, Christopher Uhlick and Patrick Finnegan, also attended the event as graduating seniors.  In addition to graduating from his combined degree program, Christopher Uhlick was the most recent editor-in-chief of the Honors College newsletter, Scholastica.  Dr. Benton rewarded his efforts with a commemorative plaque and a wrist watch from the Metropolitan Museum so that he would always be on time at his future job.

After a quick photo-op, Dr. Benton was joined by Professor and Honors College Advisor, Christopher Walther, to begin the presentation of awards.  Each Honors College graduate was individually recognized and called up to the stage to receive their Honors College medallion and graduation certificate. Once every student crossed the stage, a group photo was taken outside the entrance of Gottesman Room to conclude the evening of academic celebration.  Students and their guests lingered after the event for final goodbyes with fellow classmates, photo-ops with Dr. Benton and Professor Walther, and to finish the last of the chocolate fondue.