Honors Easter Egg Hunt with the Pleasantville Cottage School Children

The Pforzheimer Honors College annual Easter Egg Hunt with the Pleasantville Cottage School children took place on Sunday, April 17, 2011. The event began in Gottesman Room where students and children sat together to color Easter eggs. The Cottage School kids were extremely creative when designing their eggs and could not wait to see their finished products. After the egg coloring, the Honors College students and Cottage School children separated into groups according to table color and went to Miller Lawn to hunt for candy-filled Easter eggs.

Each team had fifty eggs to find along with three bonus golden eggs. Children from each team ran out on the lawn to locate the eggs and brought them back to their Honors College student team captains. It was great to see their competitive edge and teamwork. As the Honors College students cheered on their teams, the children worked hard to quickly find all their eggs. When there were only a few eggs that remained undiscovered, Professor Walther announced we could all run out to find them together. The first team to find all their eggs was the blue team, making them the winners. Three of the other children were the lucky ones to find the golden eggs for a special prize.
As the egg hunt concluded, the Honors College students and children paired up for an egg toss. Eggs started breaking and the number of teams diminished as the challenge of making longer throws became greater. The egg toss was messy, but laughter and smiles were abundant as everyone had a great time.

At the end of the event, chocolate bunnies were awarded to the winners of the egg hunt team, egg toss team, and golden egg retrievers. All the children were able to take home their colored Easter eggs and candy from the egg hunt.
Sometimes when you give a little, you get so much more in return. This is why interacting with these children is so rewarding. They are full of life, happiness, and joy, and it does not take much to bring out these qualities. Volunteering two hours of our time gave the Cottage School children a fun Easter experience that we hope they will always remember.