Honors Independent Research Conference

On May 5, 2011, the Pforzheimer Honors College hosted their annual Honors Independent Research Conference which was held in the Kessel Student Center in Conference Rooms A/B and C/D.  Each year students undertake extensive research, some with the help of the Honors College Research Grant, and usually within their respective majors. All of the hard work that was done throughout the year produces results that are shared on this day.

Like the many research conferences past, the range of topics was vast.  This year students could pick one of the conference rooms to hear about the family dynamics within a family-owned business, the effects of mental health diagnosis and treatments in Nepal, the effects of the new international accounting standards, or the differences between psychological needs across cultures, just to name a few.
For those in attendance, not only do they hear of interesting research and its findings, but they are fed as well!  Each room is supplied with stacks of pizza along with fruit and an assortment of beverages from which to choose.  No student goes hungry while learning something new at this event.

The reasoning two rooms must be used for this event is that so many Honors College students attend and so many presentations are given.  This year, presentations were made by Stephen Chamberlain, Olivia Drabczyk, Patrick Finnegan, Kayla Holewienko, Brandon Lentine, Melissa Muckle, Erik Nykwest, Marlena Peszt, Jacqueline Smith, Matthew Tyburski, Christopher Uhlick, and Jessica Wade.

Once each student was done presenting their research, they were not off the hook yet.  Each student participated in a question and answer period where members of the audience asked intriguing questions that helped them further understand the research.

By the end of the evening, students were exposed to topics outside of their majors and learned a great deal about each students’ research.  And an added benefit was that students were fed while doing so!