Honors Independent Research Conference

                The Honors Independent Research Conference is an annual event that is highly anticipated by both students and faculty. This year’s research presentations went exceptionally well.  Ten presentations were given on topics ranging from social experiments of observations to classroom education models and video games. 

                 Diana Cavallo discussed print media and the effect of modern technology, like the iPad, on magazine and book publishing.  John Thorp researched the impact of social media sites like Facebook on the social atmosphere of local restaurants and how this form of advertising can improve an establishment’s consumer relationship.  Douglas Pope demonstrated his modifications to a video game, specifically in the C# coding of the template, in an interactive way with the audience and Dr. Benton. Jessica Miller talked about her personal experience in the classroom and how important it is to have a nurturing environment for young students.  Lisa Bharat talked about motivation in the workplace and its effect on employee retention.  Michelle Birch talked about making a successful profile piece for television, and spotlighted Camille Loccisano, founder of “Frankie’s Mission,” which gives grants to children battling pediatric cancer.  Gianni DiFroscia discussed the mortgage crisis and revealed the truth about the subprime market and loans.  Lotus Feliz’s topic was job security and the current work force.  She talked about the unstable market and organizational loyalty and performance.  Molly Forman discussed the change in how news is broadcast to the public and how it wouldn’t be unlikely to see a shift from magazines and newspapers to online venues.  Christine Leone discussed body image and body trends in society and how it has changed over time but has always affected the minds of young teens.  Each topic was quick to catch the audience’s attention and slow to loose it.  It was evident that the students spent a lot of time and effort on their topics, as their presentations were smooth, complete, and interesting.  Anyone who did not attend the Independent Research Presentations surely missed out.  I highly recommend that everyone go next year because, while this year will be a tough act to follow, the presentations will undoubtedly be great.