Kristen Mita

Leadership and passion are two characteristics that help define accomplished people, the very same people who play a major role in improving our local communities and Pleasantville campus. During her four years in the Honors College, senior Kristen Mita, has used these qualities to not only advance her academic career but her campus community as well. Kristen is a Psychology major and a double minor in Italian Studies and Music and can also add the titles of       “Co-founder and Vice President of Glee Club,” to her resume.  She worked with Sara Hutton, fellow co-founder and Glee president, to get the club up and running and they are glad to see many returning faces as well as new members becoming involved. “We didn’t have enough music on campus,” says Kristen, when asked why, she and Hutton decided to create the club. The second year of Glee Club commenced with a karaoke event on the football field after the Information Fair on Wednesday, September 14. 

In addition to her pioneering efforts in music, Kristen is a four-year veteran of the Welcome Center, having guided prospective students as a Tour Guide. She is also a member of Psi Chi, Pace’s psychology honor society. Kristen is enhancing her psychology studies with her internship at the Edenwald Cottage School.  She is continuing what began as her summer internship this semester, working with the school’s recreation center and student art groups.  Kristen is considering pursuing psychology in   graduate school for Music Therapy or Child Psychology Clinicals.  Kristen’s favorite part about the Honors College is the small community within the large Pleasantville campus and the opportunity to take classes with familiar faces and friends who become a “support system.” The New Hampton, New York, native recommends taking travel courses after the unforgettable experience she had during her “Psychology of Civic Engagement” course that brought her to Trinidad and Tobago on Spring Break of the 2009-2010 school year. 

Kristen’s other words of wisdom include: “Get     involved! Figure out what it is that you have an interest in and go after it! Even if it means starting up your own club or   organization!” Remember, Glee Club meetings are held on Sunday nights at 8:30pm in Pace Perk on the Briarcliff campus for anyone who is interested in joining!