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Pforzheimer Honors College

The Mentorship Program

In addition to the many resources that the Honors College offers to students, we are proud to announce that we have launched a newly developed Mentorship Program! The Mentorship Program assigns incoming students (both freshman and transfer students) an upperclassman mentor who acts as a guide for that student as they become familiarized with the Honors Program and life at Pace. The Mentorship Program offers several benefits to both mentees and mentors.

As a mentee, students have the advantage of immediately becoming a part of the Honors community, and gain the perspective of an upperclassman on concerns such as studying, midterms/finals, registration, and socializing in New York City. Mentors also work with students to introduce them to the different departments at Pace like Financial Aid, OSA (Office of Student Assistance), and the Honors Program. Through their experience in the Mentorship Program, mentees are able to grasp a sense of both long term and short term goals like declaring a major and registering for the right classes.

Students acting as mentors in the Mentorship Program also benefit by gaining experience as leaders. Mentors contribute to the professional and personal development of their peers and therefore, the academic community as a whole.

Interested in becoming a mentor? Email Holly at!