Prospective Honors College Students



First-year student eligibility. To be eligible for the Honors College, first-year students must have a high school average of 90 or higher, an SAT critical reading and math score of 550 or higher, and a combined (on critical reading and math) SAT score of 1200. All accepted students who qualify will be nominated for the Honors College. The Honors Directors maintain the option of considering students who meet two of the three eligibility criteria. Students entering the Honors College as first-year students are required to take a total of eight Honors courses prior to graduation, approximately 20 percent of their total college credit hours. Honors College students on both the New York City and Westchester campuses must also complete a Senior Honors Thesis. Honors College students on the both campuses are encouraged to attend all the events sponsored by the Honors College each semester.


Current Pace student or transfer student eligibility. Current Pace students or transfer students who have completed two semesters (approximately 32 credits) and have achieved a 3.5 average are eligible to join the Honors College. Acceptance will depend upon space availability. The student must apply to the campus they will attend.

Maintaining Honors status and graduating from the Honors College. Once admitted, students must maintain an overall GPA of 3.3 to remain in the Honors College. At graduation, Honors College students are accorded special recognition through a notation in the printed program, bestowal of an Honors medallion, an Honors certificate, and designation of Honors College on their transcripts.

We invite you to call the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at (914) 773-3321 (PLV) or (212) 346-1323 (NYC) to learn more about Pace University's Honors College and available scholarships.

To contact the Honors College in Pleasantville, call  (914) 773-3673, or in New York, call  (212) 346-1697.