Graduate School Information

Allows you to search for programs by university name or by academic subject. There's also a lot of information on financial aid and an interesting section on distance learning.

Peterson's Guides to Graduate and Professional Programs

Offers essay writing and standardized test help, as well as financial aid advice. There's also a browsing function to find a school.

Graduate School Guide

Has a database you can search by location and academic subject as well as a question and answer section on applying to graduate school.

A division of Princeton Review, helps you search for schools, manage the application process, and find the funds to pay for it all

U.S. News and World Report

Has a site that ranks graduate schools, including medical, law, business, engineering, and education programs. You can type in a school and do a search to get the ranking or information like admissions or financial aid.


Lists many resources related to online degrees, both graduate and undergraduate, and certificates, and classes.


International Graduate Programs

International Graduate Programs

Lets you search for programs by academic discipline.

Career Owl

Lists international programs alphabetically by name.

Universities Worldwide

Allows you to search for schools by country.

Educational and Social Science Library

Provides links to sites that rank international graduate programs.


Graduate Admissions Tests


Graduate Record Examinations


Graduate Management Admission Test


Law School Admission Test


Medical College Admission Test