Pilates Workshop

Relax, its Finals Time!

                  When finals season is just around the corner, we can see that Pace students are wound up tight with the stress that fills their bodies. That is why on April 4, 2012 the aerobics room in the Goldstein Fitness Center was filled with twenty-three Pforzheimer Honors students who participated in an intense Pilates class. For an hour and a half, Profesor Lauri Nemetz led the students through a number of exercises which were focused to increase core strength, flexibility, and bodily awareness without the building of muscle bulk.

                   As one of Professor Nemetz’s students for two years, I know that she has pushed each of the twenty-three students to their personal limits. She is capable of analyzing bodies within the first few minutes of seeing someone, and knows what they would be capable of doing. While in positions she does her best to help us perfect those poses, even if we aren't too flexible. She gave many tips on how to align the spine in order to be most comfortable in a difficult motion.

                   After participating in numerous Yoga and Pilates classes with her, I can honestly say that she has a way of making even the most unenthusiastic student enjoy his or her experience. She has the most soothing voice, so that even when you are in an uncomfortable position and your body wants to give in, she will tell you to inhale, exhale, keep a smile on your face; and your body will forget that it is being exercised. With all the stress that filled our bodies as we entered the room, I’m sure that most of it was sweat out by the end of the class.

                   Although many people label Pilates as a “woman’s” hobby, when Joseph Pilates first created this activity in the 1920s it was intended as a way to rehabilitate soldiers coming home from the war and to help strengthen dancers’ bodies with lean muscle. At this Honors event, although there were plenty of young ladies present, many gentlemen took part as well. Based on their conversations after the class had ended, the boys felt like they just had an intense workout.

                   This is an Honors College event I would hate to miss, especially during finals time, which means I would recommend this event to everyHonors student. Pilates uses different breathing techniques and feeds off of Yoga practice, so it helps clear the mind and relieve the body of stress during the most hectic days.