Wrapping Gifts for Underprivileged

November 29, 2006

On Tuesday, November 29th, 2005, 122 Honors students packed Gottesman Room for the annual wrapping gifts event, our most popular event.     Honors almost had to do without this event this year, however, due to a lack of funding.     In a casual conversation with her good friend Agnes Hall, Dr. Benton explained how the Honors College  was in need of funds.     Without a second thought, Ms. Hall offered to donate $2000 out of her own pocket.     “I feel fortunate in life that I have the means to write the check, and writing that check made me feel good in so many ways,,” said Hall.     The Honors College is extremely thankful for Ms. Hall’s generosity.

The event started as usual with Dr. Benton welcoming everyone and encouraging them to get their of pizza.   Phina Geiger, Director of Volunteers for the Pleasantville Cottage School, then took the podium to inform Honors students about the PCS, it’s function, and the children who reside there.   “Volunteers give of their own time, bringing gifts, holiday cheer, and the caring that our children so desperately need,” Geiger said.   After Ms. Geiger, Agnes Hall spoke about donating and giving back to your community.   From there, the wrapping began.   Students wrapped over 300 gifts, everyone receiving as well as giving holiday cheer.

2005 Wrapping Gifts

2005 Wrapping Gifts 09