Decorate PLV Cottage School

Saturday, December 8, 2007

            On December 8, 2007, sixteen students from the Pforzheimer Honors College, along with fifteen volunteers from the Center for Community Outreach, spread a little holiday cheer. The two groups worked side by side to decorate residences at the Pleasantville Cottage School. The students split into separate groups and decorated three different cottages with the help of the children who live in them.

            Together, the Pace University students and Cottage School children made paper snowflakes, decorated stockings, and hung up various holiday decorations around their cottages. The decorations brought a festive mood to each cottage.

            The children really seemed to enjoy the companionship of the Pace University students. It was a great volunteer experience, and all the students who participated stated that they would enjoy doing it again. It gave the Honors students a dose of reality and made them very grateful for their own families. They only hope that they were able to make a difference in the children's lives in the short time they were with them. Next year, Pace would like to bring a larger group of students so that so they can decorate even more cottages.