Olivia Drabczyk

   Many Pace students will recognize her smiling face on campus, but those same people may not know how immersed Olivia Drabczyk is with the world around her.  It is typical to find students who try to take advantage of their Pace experience, but few do as much as Olivia. 

                  This 21-year-old from Staten Island is Editor-in-Chief of the yearbook, the Community Service Chair for her sorority, Phi Sigma Sigma, a Welcome Center tour guide, and a Student Ambassador.   Those are only a few of the many engaging activities Olivia is involved in on campus.

                  Outside of Pace, Olivia does a great deal to help others.  This Applied Psychology major both works and volunteers at the Pleasantville Cottage School where she is a mentor to an 11-year old in the Edenwald School.  She also enjoys being a personal assistant to a young girl with multiple disorders.  Finally, Olivia rounds out her busy schedule with volunteering at Blythedale hospital.

                 So, why did this impressive individual decide to showcase her talents at Pace University?  It turns out that Olivia’s aunt and uncle attended Pace, and Olivia says, “because of them I have been wearing Pace hoodies ever since I was young.”  The close proximity to home and the interest Pace displayed in her through personal letters and phone calls persuaded Olivia to follow in her aunt and uncle’s footsteps. 

                Olivia attributes her intense involvement with Pace to her being president of the Future Educators Association as a first-year student.  She states, “that experience helped make me who I am and got me involved with Pace really fast.”  Because of this single opportunity, Olivia has been making a positive impact on campus and her fellow students ever since. 

Another aspect of Pace that Olivia flaunts is her membership in the Honors College.  Her favorite part is the Honors courses because they provide the greatest knowledge and fun learning experiences.  The Honors events, especially Decorating the Pleasantville Cottage School, are another reason Olivia loves the Honors College. 

                When Olivia reflects on her time at Pace, she is proud of the fact that she was able to be so involved and still be such an exceptional student.  Upon graduation, Olivia plans to either attend graduate school for Occupational Therapy or join the Peace Corps.  She has already tasted being abroad and making a difference as this past summer she travelled to Nepal using the Honors Research Grant.  She learned a great deal about the conception of mental health and the current treatments given in this country