Rami Naber

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Rami Naber Student Showcase            Many students at Pace enjoy some sort of extracurricular activity or hobby, but few have one like 20-year-old sophomore, Jessica Calamera.  This Math and Adolescent Education major spends much of her free time writing songs and performing with her two bands.  One band, “A Few 2 Many,” is being pursued to be the center of a new reality television show.  For the next six months, Jess and her family will be filmed as the reality show follows her band pursuing a record deal, as well as her party band, Over the Top, which features her family.

Jessica may no longer be known as a Pace student, but rather a reality television star, and hopefully one day, be known as a major recording artist.  Her music story actually began when she was about 11 years old writing music.  She started the band when she was 14 and has been working extremely hard ever since.  These efforts paid off when she was 16 and was accepted into The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers.  This society allows musicians to register music and to collect performance royalties if their music is used, as well as many other career benefits.  When it comes to her music, her band, and her current situation, Jessica says, “I could not feel happier and more blessed that I am being given this opportunity.”

Although she has many things going for her in the music world, it was important for Jessica to go to college.  She chose Pace because of  the Education program and how close it is to home.  Living in Yorktown Heights, Jessica enjoys commuting to her classes everyday. 

Another thing Jessica enjoys is being in Honors College.  She loves the support system that Honors provides through the advising, the study room, and the family-feel she gets from it.  Among all the Honors events that take place, the Ice-Cream Icebreaker is her favorite event.

Jessica’s future has many possibilities.  If music does not become a career for her, she would like to become a teacher.  If you would like to learn more about her band or listen to some of their music, you can visit the website afew2many.com.