Robert Spence

  Robert Spence           Most 21-year-olds are worrying about graduation and what will happen afterwards.  Robert Spence is ahead of that curve as he is already in Pace Law school.  Robert finished his undergraduate studies in three and a half years and was a member of the first Pace Law Spring start program when it began in January 2010.  Earning his degree in Environmental Law, Robert wants to complete the Juror’s Doc in Environmental Law by 2012 and apply his knowledge to work in the automotive industry or construction.

Not only has Robert finished his undergraduate studies ahead of time, but he also has his own business.  Started in 2008, Robert’s “Good Guys Services” is a full-service residential painting and home renovations and landscaping division.  Prior to his own business, Robert did construction for Cappelli Enterprises.

This impressive young man hails from Valhalla, NY and commutes to Pace.  He decided to come to Pace because of the proximity to home.  The Environmental Law program offered at Pace was another aspect that interested Robert.  While attending Pace, Robert found something else he enjoyed, and that was the Model U.N, which provided his favorite experience, a trip to Amsterdam to compete in the Harvard World Conference.

Robert has accomplished much since he arrived at Pace University.  His favorite achievement has been getting into Law school and completing his undergraduate studies without incurring any debt.  A young man with such a high level of success must have some inside knowledge or secret.  When asked, Robert offers this advice, “Keep on your credits and your courses, GPA counts when it comes to Graduate school.”  Robert definitely followed his own advice.