Halloween Party 2006

Halloween Party 2006
Friday, October 27, 2006

On Friday, October 27, 2006, Honors first-year students left their usual UNV 101 classrooms to throw the annual Halloween party for the children of the Pleasantvill Cottage School.  The students were dressed in festive costumes, from Little Bo Peep to Shaggy from Scooby Doo.  Willcox gym was partitioned off for a more intimate—yet frightful—setting, but the remainder of the massive gym was decorated with ghoulish delight.  Inflatable decorations sat on the floor as cobwebs and other fearsome decorations lined the walls. 
Students anticipated the arrival of the PCS children, setting up an array of games and activities in which the kids participated.  From limbo to pie eating to face painting, there was a lot to do.  Other activities included guessing the amount of candy corn in a jar, a graveyard mini golf, and knocking down a stack of plastic pumpkins.  PCS children had to do five activities and receive a sticker for each before visiting the candy table.  After a spin of the trick-or-treat wheel and doing what their spin said, the children were given handfuls of candy and encouraged to play more games. 
Chilling music, provided by student aid and UNV 101 peer mentor Michael DeRario, filled the gym.  The children calmed down around noon to enjoy a lunch of pizza provided by the Pleasantville Cottage School; UNV 101 students got to have a slice or two as well.  After lunch, more games were played and more candy was handed out until it was time to go home.  Honors students ushered out the sugar-high children and then began to clean up.  Entertaining so many energetic kids can be a real work-out, but it was definitely an enjoyable experience for all who attended.